Talking to Your Parents

For your parents, leaving their home and moving to a retirement community is a big step. The idea of letting go of both the tangibles and the intangibles accumulated over a lifetime may be difficult for them to talk about. Plus they may worry about losing their independence, whether they can afford it, or what will happen if their health declines.

After making the move, most Beaumont residents will tell you, “I wish I had done this much earlier.” At Beaumont, they retain ownership and complete control over where and how they want to live. And, as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), they have the added benefit of top-quality on-site preventive, personal and skilled nursing care should the need arise.

Below, we have compiled a few ideas with which to start the conversation — today, while your parents are healthy and able to enjoy all the benefits of a vibrant and worry-free retirement. You can also call us at 610-526-7000 to talk through any issues if the conversation proves difficult. Ask for Audrey Walsh or contact her via email.

My parents say they’re not ready.

  • Beaumont residents will tell you that they have a sense of liberation from their “stuff,” the maintenance and the chores. Remind your parents that now is the time to make the move to a worry-free retirement, while they are healthy, active and able to enjoy our vibrant community to the fullest. If they wait until a health issue drives their decision, they will have fewer choices and less time. Without any obligation, they can schedule a visit to sample our exceptional cuisine, participate in activities, enjoy our fitness center and pool, and above all, meet our residents.
  • What’s more, studies have shown that residents who live in CCRCs are generally happier, healthier and live longer than their contemporaries who remain in their homes.
  • You may also want to view a video of noted psychologist Dr. Dan Gottlieb leading a panel of relocation, financial and lifestyle experts in a discussion, “Moving into Retirement.”

They worry about losing their independence

  • Retaining control is a concern for many parents after a lifetime of managing their own affairs. Beaumont is unique in that the community is owned and governed by residents just like them, with a management team that works for and with them. With no outside management structure, mandates or profit motive, residents choose what’s best for the community.
  • The result is that your parents choose how they want to live rather than needing to conform. They choose their villa or apartment, and can customize it to their own liking and aesthetic. They can choose to dine where and when they want, order from an exquisite, ever-changing menu, and enjoy table-side service – no buffets, no lines, no reservation required. They choose whether to work with our personal trainer or enjoy our fitness facilities and pool when they want. They can choose to join in community events and trips, or set out for shopping and cultural events on the Main Line or in Philadelphia. They can choose to enjoy the quiet woodland trails, library, arts room and theater. In short, life at Beaumont is a ‘choice’ life without any maintenance, hassles or chores.

They are overwhelmed by the idea of selling their home, downsizing and moving.

  • Let them know that we offer a free moving assistance program. Our program provides complimentary consulting services to address all the important issues — real estate, organization, downsizing and moving — with substantial discounts from our preferred partners. Our team brings together the expertise and experience to make the move painless and pleasant for them (and for you). You can count on:

•          Real Estate Professionals
•          Home Downsizing Experts
•          Home Staging Services
•          Handyman Services
•          Moving Coordinators
•          Moving Companies
•          Interior Decorators

They worry whether they can afford it.

  • Remind them that there is no entrance fee at Beaumont. New residents buy their apartment or villa directly from the current owner or the owner’s estate.
  • Compare their current expenses — home maintenance, repairs, taxes, insurance, food, utilities, etc. — to the monthly fee and they’ll quickly discover how affordable Beaumont really is, especially when compared to other five-star CCRCs. You can also request our free brochure, The Economic Advantages of Beaumont, for more detailed information.
  • The monthly fee is all-inclusive. It is based on the square footage of the villa or apartment, and covers everything including meals, maintenance, landscaping, outpatient services, the first six months of personal or skilled nursing care, real estate and school taxes, weekly housekeeping, and all utilities — including cable, internet and telephone.

They wonder about the community's stability and debt, and their potential liability.

  • Beaumont is one of the few communities that is audited and accredited by the Continuing Care Accreditation Commission and consistently awarded a five-star rating. The Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare also license Beaumont.
  • Our unique system of resident ownership and self-government has led to an exceptionally strong balance sheet and very conservative fiscal policies. Because residents make the decisions, we retain very little debt in comparison to similar CCRCs.
  • Since opening in 1988, Beaumont has never had a special assessment or needed to levy additional fees to cover debt.

They are concerned about preserving their assets and their estate.

  • Your parents will own their villa or apartment, giving them or their estate an enormous amount of control over this important asset.
  • The price for each unit is negotiated individually, but is guided by the Beaumont formula for a maximum price. We use an IRS-driven formula to reflect base cost, plus any capital improvements made by the seller, plus an appreciation or depreciation factor reflecting local real estate prices.
  • Your parents can deduct their real estate taxes (included in the monthly fee) on their IRS Schedule A form each year. Beaumont provides them with a tax statement documenting these expenses by late January each year.

They are unsure about their future healthcare needs.

  • Let them know that our emphasis is on preventive care through our Wellness Center, open 365 days a year our goal is for residents to remain healthy and fit through regular check-ups and consultation with our state-certified and licensed staff.
  • By appointment, our Wellness Center offers access to specialists, including an audiologist, dermatologist, hearing aid specialist, optician, psychiatrist and podiatrist.
  • Our clinical staff offers personal care to residents who do not need constant nursing but can’t quite manage on their own.
  • Should residents need full-time skilled nursing care on a temporary or permanent basis, they can move to our state-of-the-art skilled-nursing floor for post-operative care, recovery from a major health event or cognitive impairment.

They want children and grandchildren to be able to visit freely.

  • Your parents are free to invite guests anytime they choose, and can do so as often as they like. Their guests will have full access to Beaumont’s amenities, such as our pool, fitness center and dining rooms. Guest quarters are available for a very modest fee if they need additional room.

They are wondering about their pets.

  • Beaumont is a pet-friendly community and pets are welcome to move right in. We do ask everyone to be mindful of their fellow residents and respect the leash rules.

They want to know that they are safe and secure.

  • Your parents’ comfort and safety are of paramount importance. A new campus-wide fire alarm system was recently installed, while the 20 security cameras, security patrol, and guards ensure our residents’ privacy. Each apartment and villa is also equipped with emergency pull cords, located in both bedroom and bathroom, to alert staff in case of injury or other emergency.

They don’t want to be “stuck” if their situation changes.

  • As resident owners, your parents will have complete control. They may sell their apartment or villa at any time they choose.


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