FAQs - Prospective Residents

Q: Is Beaumont an accredited community?

Yes, we are one of a select few communities accredited by the Continuing Care Accreditation Commission’s highly respected standard of excellence. We are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. In addition, Beaumont is a member of PANPHA and Leading Age.

Q: Who owns Beaumont?

Beaumont is a resident-owned, resident-governed and internally managed community. Residents automatically become a voting member in the non-profit cooperation when they purchase their villa or apartment. Residents may also choose to serve on the Beaumont Board or on one of the many committees – finance, capital projects, art and “green” committees to name but a few – that direct the management of the community for the benefit of residents, not for the benefit of a third party.

Q: How does resident ownership make a difference?

Each resident has an equal interest and vote in the community, creating an unusual sense of egalitarianism and camaraderie. Residents speak of “our” community rather than “the” community, and see the common areas, such as the music room, library and pool, as extensions of their own living rooms. This sense of camaraderie translates into a deep sense of caring, as is evident in the day-to-day and social interactions between residents. As owners, residents may also choose to remodel their units to their personal aesthetic and specifications, giving them an enormous amount of control over their privacy and comfort.

Q: Is Beaumont affordable?

In comparison to similar upscale communities, Beaumont is surprisingly affordable. The all-inclusive monthly fee is generally lower and our spacious apartments and villas typically offer greater value per square foot. Please request our free brochure, The Economic Advantages of Beaumont for an indepth comparison and overview.

Q: Is there an entrance fee?

No, there is no entrance fee at Beaumont. New residents purchase their apartment or villa and automatically become a voting member of the non-profit corporation.

Q: What does the monthly fee include?

The monthly fee is all inclusive: morning coffee service and one meal per day; housekeeping, maintenance, weekly cleaning and linen service; landscaping and snow removal; Wellness Center visits, social services, outpatient services, and the first 183 days of personal or skilled nursing care; real estate and school taxes; “triple play” phone, cable and internet access; and on-demand access to “handyman”, technology, banking, local transportation, concierge and other services.

Q: What are the costs and choices for ongoing healthcare?

Included in your monthly fee are several levels of health care services: Wellness Center visits and services such as filling prescriptions and preventative outpatient care, and the first 183 cumulative days of rehabilitative, personal or nursing care. After this period, you pay only 50% of the private daily cost for personal or skilled nursing care. This results in lower overall monthly fees compared to similar communities, as healthy residents do not pay for healthcare services they may not need.

Please request our free brochure, The Economic Advantages of Beaumont for an indepth comparison and overview.

Q: Are there other assessments or fees?

Since opening in March, 1988, Beaumont has never had a special assessment or levied additional fees.

Q: Is Beaumont financially stable?

Beaumont is a not for profit, cooperatively owned corporation. Our unique method of resident ownership and self-government has led to an exceptionally strong balance sheet, conservative fiscal policies, and minimal debt. Residents make financial decisions for the benefit of residents, not for the benefit of a third party corporation or “professional” board. 

Q: Who sets the price of, and markets the real estate?

The price for each unit is guided by a formula to establish a maximum price. The formula is IRS-driven and reflects base cost, capital improvements made, and an appreciation or depreciation factor relative to local real estate prices. The marketing department manages all negotiations, paperwork and closings for you.

Q: Are there tax advantages?

You can deduct a substantial portion of your monthly fee attributable to real estate taxes and health care costs as allowed by the IRS on your Schedule A. Beaumont provides you with a tax statement documenting these expenses on an annual basis.

Q: What are the security arrangements?

Your comfort and safety are of paramount importance. There are a campus-wide fire alarm system, security cameras, security patrols, and 24-hour guards on duty. Each apartment and villa is equipped with an emergency pull cord, located in both the bedroom and bathroom, to alert staff in cases of injury or emergency. Entry is professionally monitored and controlled to prevent unauthorized access.

Q: What is the technology situation?

We are one of the few communities to include in your monthly fee internally managed “triple play” (telephone, TV and internet), campus-wide WIFI, closed-circuit broadcasting and technology services to help you connect to everything you need.

Q: How easy is it to get around campus?

Scheduled transport conveniently connects residents of the villas with other parts of the campus. Apartments have wide interior connections to the commons and dining rooms, and offer 100% elevator access, including the indoor parking garages. Even during inclement weather and snow emergencies, Beaumont’s snowplows, removal equipment and back-up generators ensure that you are never stranded.

Q: Can family and friends visit freely?

Yes, family and friends are free to visit whenever you want. Guests can join you for lunch or dinner and have access to our wonderful amenities, including the pool and fitness center, and guest suites are available for a modest fee for your out-of-town guests

Q: Can I bring my pet?

Yes, pets are welcome. However, there are a leash laws and hygienic standards for the benefit of all residents.

Q: Is Beaumont close to stores, churches and synagogues, cultural, and sports events?

Yes, Beaumont is located in the heart of the Main Line and close to Center City Philadelphia, offering a huge array of local religious, cultural, recreational, and shopping opportunities. The Beaumont bus takes residents to local shopping, Friday afternoon Philadelphia Orchestra performances as well as a host of special excursions.

Q: Can I move away from Beaumont if my situation changes?

As a resident owner, you have complete control. You may sell your apartment or villa at any time you choose.

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