FAQs - Advisors and Referrers

Q: Is Beaumont an accredited community?

Yes, we are one of the few communities accredited by the Continuing Care Accreditation Commission’s highly respected standard of excellence. We are also licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. In addition, Beaumont is an active member of PANPHA and Leading Age.

Q: Is Beaumont financially stable?

Our unique method of resident ownership and self-government has led to an exceptionally strong balance sheet, and conservative fiscal policies. Because decisions are made by our residents, for our residents, we retain very little debt in comparison to other similarly sized continuing care communities.

Q: Is there an entrance fee?

No, there is no entrance fee at Beaumont as new residents buy their apartment or villa directly from the current owner or the owner’s estate, and with this purchase automatically become a voting member of the non-profit corporation.

Q: Is Beaumont affordable?

Compared to other similar communities, Beaumont is quite affordable. Please feel free to request our free brochure, The Economic Advantages of Beaumont, for detailed information.

Q: What does the monthly fee include?

The monthly fee is all inclusive of meals, maintenance, landscaping, outpatient services and the first 183 days of personal or skilled nursing care, real estate and school taxes, weekly housekeeping, all utilities including cable, internet and telephone.

Q: Are there other assessments and/or fees?

Since opening in March, 1988, Beaumont has never had a special assessment or levied additional fees.

Q: Who owns Beaumont?

Beaumont is a resident-owned, resident-governed and internally managed community. Residents own their own villas or apartments, giving them an enormous amount of control over their privacy and comfort.

Q: Who sets the price and markets the real estate?

The price for each unit is negotiated individually but is guided by the Beaumont formula for a maximum price. We use an IRS-driven formula to reflect base cost, plus any capital improvements made by the seller, plus an appreciation or depreciation factor reflecting local real estate prices.

Q: Are there tax advantages?

Residents can deduct their real estate taxes on their IRS Schedule A form each year. Beaumont provides each resident with a tax statement documenting these expenses by late January each year.

Q: What are the costs and choices for ongoing healthcare?

At Beaumont we provide several levels of health care services. Out-patient care and the first 183 cumulative days of assisted living are covered by monthly fees. After this period, the resident pays only 50% of the private daily cost, toward which they can apply their long term health coverage.

Q: Are residents “locked-in?”

As resident owners, your clients will have complete control. They, or their estate, may sell their apartment or villa at any time they choose.

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