Financial Stability

Financial Stability and Transparency

At Beaumont, you will find an exceptionally strong balance sheet and very conservative fiscal policies. Our unique method of operation – resident owners working with our experienced management team – have enabled us to operate within our annual budget for 25 years, and escrow monies in a medical reserve fund and a capital expenditure fund.

Many comperable CCRCs are corporately owned and directed by professional boards with little or no representation by residents. As a result, many have incurred significant debt, calling into question the sustainability of fees, care and service.

For further information, you may also call Joe Peduzzi, President; Susan Kendra, Chief Financial Officer; or Audrey Walsh, Director of Marketing, at 610-526-7000.

Key considerations:

  • No entrance fee; you become a member when purchasing your apartment or villa
  • No special assessments since opening in 1988
  • All-inclusive monthly service fee is based on the size of your apartment or villa
  • Predictable healthcare costs and choices; on-site clinical staff and facilities
  • Sound business structure and continuity
  • Resident-owned real estate
  • Tax and estate planning advantages.

There is no place like home!

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